The Ultimate Scavenger Adventure Race!

Welcome to squadWars

Register your Squad for the Ultimate Amazing Race meets Fear Factor style competition, for a chance to win $5,000!

How it works

Register now for the Ultimate Amazing Race meets Fear Factor style competition, for a chance to win $5,000!

Gather Your Squad

Register your team of two to ten squad members in a city near you!

Compete in the app

SquadWars app coming soon!

Complete the Challenges

Strategize and figure out how to mobilize your Squad to victory!


Attend SquadFest for the live awards ceremony, music, food trucks, fun activities, and more!

Award Ceremony

First place wins $5,000!

How Does It Work?

Squad Up

Gather your team of two to ten members and prepare for the day of the event!

Download the App

Download the free SquadWars or Android app to earn points as you complete each challenge!

Complete the Challenges

The challenges are released the day before the Kickoff event on our app, strategize and mobilize your team to victory!

Collect your Prize

Attend our virtual live stream hosted by the SquadWars team to see who will win the $5,000 grand prize!


Eat Jello Through A Straw
Sing a Justin Bieber Song In Front Of A Local Restaurant
Make a Three Point Shot On A Basketball Court
Howl Like Wolves In A Crowded Place
Solve Riddles and Find Locations In Your City
Eat A Raw Egg
Take A Picture With A Foreign Currency
Jump In A Pool
Take A Ride On Your City Bus
Hold A Snake
A Hundreds More!

Upcoming locations

We are coming to a city near you! Register your Squad for a fun filled adventure with life long memories!

How does the app work?

Strategize and Mobilize!

Challenges will be revealed 48 hours before your SquadWars Kickoff. Plan your strategy on the best way to be victorious!

SquadWars app event page. Showcasing the list of challenges you can take on.

Each Challenge is a Click Away!

Simply click on the challenge you wish to complete with your team. Read each description and take the photo/video directly in the app.

A specific SquadWars event explaining the rules about how to stuck Jello through a straw.

Earn those Points!

After submitting your video or photo, move on to the next challenge! The more you complete in the app, the better your chance of receiving that $5,000. Remember that you can repost your video on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to get bonus points!

Someone recording their friend's sucking Jello through a straw.

What to Look Forward To

Join the SquadWars team and your fellow competitors at our SquadFest event on the day of the competition.



Food trucks




Team Registration

Final call


Guy jumping
What will these kickoff events feature?

• Final or last-minute team member registration
• Receive your SquadWars “backpack” (included with ticket purchase)
• Live music and DJs to get everyone excited
• Exclusive merch from the SquadWars crew
• Tasty treats and food trucks for that pre-adventure nourishment

More Questions
Big stack of money

$5,000 award

First place team
smaller stack of money

$2,000 award

Second place team
Smallest stack of money

$1,000 award

third place team


Girl holding up trophy
What happens when the time is up??

• Shortly after the designated stop time, the SquadWars team will host a live stream announcing the winners!
• Winners can choose their form of payout and collect their winnings through our SSL-secured IOS and Android apps.

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“The kickoff events are so fun! Tons of great food trucks and some fun merch for the team!”

Tyler Hollis

“This was probably the most jampacked 24 hours in my entire life! My team was so close to that $500 cash prize, but we will be back next year!”

Leila Christy

“WE WON! Our Squad reigns supreme here in Phoenix. Who will challenge us next year?”

Mia Ertter